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Lamppost banners are an integral part of every modern cityscape. Colourful and informative, they're an invaluable tool for the promotion of events. Dublin city has in excess of 350 pole positions available for banners. See here for a list of streets.

Banner Production FAQ

Q. Is there a minimum or a maximum number of banners allowed?
A. You are free to book as many banners as your budget dictates, from the spaces available. Banners are generally booked in sets of 3 or more.

Q. What do the banners cost?
A. Banner production, print, installation and removal start at €100 per banner exclusive of VAT for a period of up to 2 weeks.

Q. Who designs and prints the banners?
A. Civicmedia takes care of production. You will need to have your own design commissioned for your banners.

Q.  Do I need to include Irish language on the banners?

A.  It is expected that some text, if not all, be in Irish on one side of the double-sided banner. Venues, names and event names do not always need to be translated.

Q. Are there any other costs involved?
A. There is no extra charge for the inclusion of sponsors or partners’ logos in support events.

Q. How do I know if the sponsors on my banner are acceptable?
A. Banners are approved on a case by case basis, and examples of previous campaigns are available which illustrate the scale and size of brands typically featured on artwork creative.

Rolling Stones Dublin Lamppost Banner Civicmedia


Price per banner

€100 up to 2 weeks (1 cycle)

€150 up to 4 weeks (2 cycles)

€200 up to 6 weeks (3 cycles)

€250 up to 8 weeks (4 cycles)

€300 up to 10 weeks (5 cycles)

VAT on total.

Payment to be made on approval of artwork. 

Civicmedia Banners
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